2017 Recap, 2018 Goals

Sarah Federman
1 min readDec 22, 2017

What’s up, 2018? I see you. Get over here: I’m ready for you.

I had a pretty freaking good 2017, if I do say so myself! It wasn’t all unicorns and cupcakes, but I:

  • left LinkedIn where I was a UI engineer, and got a new job at Adobe where I’m a hybrid designer developer on the design systems team
  • started focusing on design systems more
  • started focusing on accessibility more (and became the first employee to get a11y certified in both design and development)
  • did my first tech talks at 1 local meetup, 1 work presentation, 1 tech conference talk, and 1 design conference panel
  • became a Girl Develop It teacher and taught HTML, CSS, and Wordpress courses to women
  • published my first Medium post which got over 1,000 claps
  • and last but not least, I started my first project in React (finally)

I also went pretty much broke in between jobs, ruffled some feathers with bad communication patterns, and lost my wonderful aunt to cancer, but everything is a balance, I suppose.

In 2018, I hope to:

  • Speak more, hopefully at at least one international conference
  • Blog more
  • Focus on my health more (and social life maybe? anyone wanna be friends lol)
  • Improve my communication skills
  • and do some more hobby work (psst…you can see my handmade jewelry at https://sarah.jewelry/)
  • and of course keep improving my technical skills (thank you Front End Masters and Treehouse!)

And that’s all for now. Have a happy holidays and a happy new year folks!



Sarah Federman

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